Precision Shaft Alignment Equipment Modification and Installation Storage Rack
Material Handling Equipment Rigging Concrete Repair/Installations

Mill C:

Project consisted of removal/ re-installation of two new draft tubes and a new 200' long retaining wall on the river side of the building.

Mill C Infill:

3- 5' diameter by 40' bypass drain piping on the dam in upstate New York was required to be filled in with structural concrete. This was a design/ build type project. Leakage around the stop logs needed to be addressed and was successfully completed.

Rainbow Falls Expansion Joint:

Twin 6' diameter penstocks had leaking expansion joint. The penstocks were partially buried in the ground. Finger Lakes was contracted to remove/ replace the existing expansion joints and install a 7' deep vault around both joints for future inspections.

HDPE Piping:

High-density polyethylene was installed for this project in 4”, 6”, and 8”. There was around 1000 feet of underground installation. This project was an upgrade for a waste water system. All of our Fusion operators are certified.

Hold Down:

We were contracted with RG&E to install alternate fasteners for grading on their bridge. 4”x6” x ½ angles were pressed, drilled, and bolted in place.

Air System:

We have updated an existing air system to an above ground pipeline. This pipe line consisted of 16” schedule 40 steel. This pipeline is 500 feet in length and was completed in under a month.

Line Move:

Relocation of a production baked enamel painting system. The scope of work involved relocating all cable conveyers, cleaning tanks and systems, dipping tanks, and a large accumulation oven.

Drain Pit:

The Project was to install a 12” Stainless Steel trunk inside of the powerhouse’s basements. The sump pit was about 40’ deep and had a small access area. The piping was prefabricated to meet the plants shutdown schedule. There were multiple lines that tied into the main trunk of varying sizes We also fabricated and installed an 8” discharge pipe on the side of the sea wall. This was installed to prevent accidental flooding to the drain pit in the event of stuck check valves.

Battery Park Esplanade:

FLICC portion of the project was to hand place rip rap, steel plate repairs, granite repointing, pile cap repairs, and timber splash zone @ pile repairs.

Pier 17 Beam Jacking:

After completion of the pile jackets on the pier, FLICC was to remove and replace the bearing pads under the beam. A custom jacking system was used to lift and secure the weight of the beam and deck while replacing the pads. Q/A steps were stringently followed and adhered to during this work in Manhattan NY.

NYSEG Plattform:

The installation of the platform was near Plattsburg, NY. The deck was for accessing the river side of a sluice gate. Finger lakes implemented safe and cost-effective measures to install this deck
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