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Inspections Stop Logs Salvage
Raw Water Intakes Concrete Repair/Installation Dewatering
Pile Jackets Waste-Water Pond Aeration System Coffer Dams
Silt and Debris Removal Underwater Welding and Cutting Rack Repair/Replacement

Pier 6: Brooklyn, NY

Installation of concrete jackets in NYC harbor.

Pier 17 South Street Seaport, Manhattan, NY

Our portion of the project was the installation of 810 Denso Sea Shield Series 2000HD pile jackets.

St. Lawrence Seaway:

Setting Stop logs to close the locks in January.

Gill Hodges Bridge: Brooklyn, NY

This contract was for installation of 180 anodes, new rubber “D” fenders, debris removal, and large timber repairs.

Afton, NY:

The project was to install grout bags under the bridges foundation.

Windsor Cofferdam:

Finger Lakes was contracted to fabricate / install a cofferdam then remove and replace a 30” sluice gate in the dry. The project was in about 40’ of water and was on the oldest arched dam in the country. The cofferdam was built in 3 sections and bolted together in the field with a gasket. The gate was located about 100’ from shore. Bedrock and 2 wing walls were removed to make room for the base flange and cofferdam. A concrete plug was poured underwater and acted as the bottom seal and to become the new upstream floor for the gate. Portions of the existing downstream walls were removed and repaired. Two new wing walls and a downstream ogee floor were poured in place after the new gate was installed.


Finger Lakes was contracted to remove 400 Cubic yards of material blocking the intake of a powerhouse. This project used diver’s to pump the material away. The water was filtering though specialty designed bags placed inside multiple dumpsters. The retuning water was monitored for elevated turbidity levels to conform to DEC permitting. After dewatering and passing the paint filter test, the dumpsters were removed and sent to the landfill.

Lake Sebago:

This Project began as a cleaning and inspection of 2 -36” Sluice gates. After the inspection, one gate was revealed to be inoperable and heavy corroded. Finger Lakes designed a way to replace the gate under full head pressure. We installed a new non-rising stem sluice gate and operator access hatch.

Station 26:

Large rocks that where restricting the tail race water flows were removed.

Unit 3 Gates A and B:

Finger Lakes teamed up with another contractor to install 2 new gates including new guides. Finger Lakes was responsible for installation of and alignment of the guides. This project required saw cutting and widening of the original gate guides, then installing new stainless steel guides and lentils at each opening. After installation, the open areas of the guides and lentils were grouted in place. Each gate was approximately 10’ wide by 12’tall.

Intake Cleaning:

This intake is part of our annual cleaning program. The before and after show pictures show a dramatic difference eliminating the costly emergency repairs and shut downs due to lack of water.

Timber Ridge:

Project was to removal and reinstallation of a 24" gate valve which was located 50' down a man hole. A new intake and trash rack was required on this project due to the deterioration of the existing intake. Also required on this job was the removal of sediment built up in the emergency spill way and the mowing of the dam.

Stop Log Upgrade:

Finger Lakes upgraded this stop log door and removed steel from the intake structure. The door and door operator were removed and upgraded with a 14” gate valve recessed within the door.

Outfall Installation:

Finger Lakes did all the underwater work for New Generation power plant in Albany, New York. The project consisted of Verifying Depths of Excavations, Installation of 150’ HDPE Piping, Diffuser Header, Back fill of the Pipeline, Cutting of Sheet Pile.

Fish Ladder Armoring:

Modifications were made to the fish ladder to help prevent damage from the turbulent pool at the base of the dam. Installation of stainless steel angle irons were used. One leg of the angle was inserted into the concrete and secured with epoxy. The other leg of the angle was bolted against the face of the angle.

Fish Ladder:

Two EPDM membranes were installed on the back side of a dam. 1 section of flashboards gets removed to allow herring to swim though. The mats were designed to allow the herring to slide down without injury.

Concrete Tank Inspection:

Finger lakes was called in to inspect 2 concrete lined cooling tanks each holding ½ million gallon of water. The concrete tanks were suspected of having leaks which were causing inefficacy to the cooling system.

Water Gauge:

The gauge was fabricated from 1/2 "stainless steel and is 10' in length. Every foot has the elevation number cut out of the stainless.

Varick Hydro:

Installation, sealing, and removal of 48 stop logs downstream of the trash racks. The installation of 14 trash rack guides and 48 trash racks.

Welch Lake:

Repair a broken sluice gate stem and a replacement of 12" Gate valve.

Auburn Chem Line Replacement:

Project location was on Owasco Lake in Auburn, NY. The project consisted of replacing approximately 2000’ of multiple 1” HDPE lines inside of the 36” intake. The intake screens were also fabricated by FLICC using a FRP frame and stainless-steel wedge wire mesh. The crib structure and the interior piping were also clean of marine growth 200’ offshore.

Auburn Culvert Cleaning:

FLICC dredged approximately 100 cyds from the twin culverts that run under ground at Emerson Park. The culverts were plugged up with mud, sand and rocks at approx. 100%. The vital culvert helps move lake water and reduce the effects of algae blooms at the north end of Owasco Lake.

Castelton Bridge:

Spanning the Hudson River in Albany NY, FLICC was responsible for the underwater replacement of heavy timber at the bridge piers.

Check Valve Replacement:

Gouverneur WWTP, FLICC cleaned out and installed a 48” in-line style elastomeric check valves in the outfall of the treatment plant.

DeRuyter Dam:

New Woodstock, NY, FLICC was to install (2) new 22” HDPE siphon lines into the lake and assist with the infilling of the existing lines.

Greenidge Intake Repair:

Dresden, NY Power Plant intake line was cleaned, inspected and minor repairs performed. The intake is located offshore and is accessible by water.

Outfall Pipe:

FLICC installed approximately 120’ of 14” ball and socket Ductile iron pipe and weights in a fast paced portion of the Hudson River.

Pier A Hose Replacement:

Battery Park City Authority in lower Manhattan contracted with FLICC for a (3) year maintenance contract after installing the multiple heat exchanger underwater for one of their historic buildings. Finger Lakes was contracted to replace all the connecting hoses and lines and subsequent cleaning, inspecting and maintenance. This work was completed partially during operational hours of the restaurant.

RG&E Inspection:

Located in Rochester NY, the RGE plant was being decommissioned and needed to plug the large intake that ran out miles into Lake Ontario. The 10-foot diameter intake was exposed to cut an access hole through the top of the intake. A plug was installed to seal the lake side of the intake, and concrete was poured, filling the remainder of the shore side intake.

Rock Island Boat House:

This Historic landmark located in the 1000 Islands region was in desperate need of repair to the boat house concrete foundation. The tourist attraction is located on an island which made this repair challenging and compounding the fact that these concrete repairs needed to be done during the winter season.


Flood wall emergency repairs were performed on scour holes found under the large retaining walls. A temporary road had to be built to access the scour locations. Concrete was pumped via hose, assisted by FLICC divers to fill the voids.

Rushville Chemical Line Replacement:

During an inspection, the chemical feed system was found to be in need of upgrading. FLICC removed and replaced approximately 500’ of HDPE chemical line through the intake.

Station 26 Shrub Removal:

Small trees that had started to grow in the cracks of the rocks and concrete at the station had to be removed and was performed with a high-pressure water cutter.

Stop Logs:

NYPA Gilboa plant, FLICC cleared, cleaned and set the stoplogs for an inspection.

Troy Seawall:

FLICC was involved in this 3-year concrete seawall repair project. FLICC portion was to repair/saw cut, dowel, form and pour the underwater sections of the concrete seawall voids on 3000 feet of wall.

Vischer Ferry:

New York Power Authority Dam discovered a need to repair a large scour hole in the apron of the dam. FLICC investigated, prepped, and poured concrete, underwater, at the scour hole.

Glass Barge:

Corning Glass was putting a small barge together to test the feasibility of a larger glass blowing barge to tour New York State Canals. FLICC assembled the barge with handrail and misc items to prep it for an anticipated tour in upstate New York during the summer of 2017.

Lake Placid Boathouse:

The boathouse was being built on Lake placid. The location on the lake made it impractical to drive piles to build a boat house. The alternative was bolting the piles directly to bedrock. FLICC was to field fit and weld underwater all the bracing.

Fiberglass Fender:

Jamaica Bay in Queens, NY, FLICC was contracted to replace the deteriorated wood system and wraps around the navigation channel at the fendering system on the Cross-Bay Bridge. 36” diameter fiberglass piles were driven in to the river bottom with fiberglass wales that were bolted on protecting the bridge foundation from impacts.

Zebra Mussel Chemical Line Replacement:

Skaneateles NY FLICC performed (2) phases of this project, an onshore and offshore. For the onshore portion, complete replacement of an existing system from the chemical pump room to the manhole structure in both intake lines (1) and (2). The second phase was a replacement of multiple chemical and sample lines from the manhole to the intake crib on lines (1) and (2). Line (1) was approximately 1.25 miles and line (2) was approximately 1 mile.
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